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One of my favorite things to do while traveling is sampling the local cuisine. There are times when dining at a familiar chain is comforting, but more often than not I prefer to find an establishment native to the city that I’m visiting. When it comes to finding these local favorites, there are a few apps one can employ such as Yelp or Urbanspoon. For me, though, I stick to one app in particular: Ness.

In November 2011 I reviewed Ness, which I called a “sure fire winner.” Recently, Ness received a major revamp, including a new method for finding recommendations, list creation and more. Find out after the jump if the revamp is an improvement or hindrance to an already fantastic app. (more…)

How many times have you found yourself in the position in which you’re hungry, but you’re not sure where to go. Sure, you could hit up one of your go-to spots (that would Chipotle for me), but perhaps you want to do something a bit different. There are a handful of apps on the App Store that can help you in this scenario.

Arguably the most popular app to help find nearby eateries is Yelp, which does a great job of searching for restaurants and providing a list of user reviews. However, I’m often cautious about reviews of restaurants, unless I know the source of the review really well. Instead, I’m more more apt to trust a service that recommends something based on my personal tastes, which is exactly what Ness brings to the table.