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I know why your calls keep dropping. In fact, I know why your Youtube videos won’t load fast enough. I know this because I’m using SpeedTest for iOS, a utility that lets me benchmark how fast data is being transferred over either Wireless or 3G. Within seconds, I can tell if my internet service provider is giving me the speed I’m paying for. I can also use SpeedTest for iOS to see exactly how fast AT&T’s 3G data network is, instead of just taking their word for it.

SpeedTest for iPhone is a version of, a trusted website in pinpointing how fast your internet speeds are versus the speeds of other users. SpeedTest is a fantastic tool when you’re trying to figure out why your videos load slowly, or why the internet just seems to feel laggy. Whether you are streaming a Netflix movie and not getting the speed that you’d like or playing an online game and noticing that your game is lagging alot on multiplayer, with the push of a button, you have the real results of your network speed.


Today’s review is for the all the technicians and geeks in the audience. You’re iPhone is convenient because it’s always with you, and iNet Pro will make it even more convenient, by bringing dozens of technical tidbits to your fingertips in only a few taps.

As you’ll see in this review, iNet Pro not only offers a wide set of networking features; it also provides excellent flexibility and many options. Read on to see why iNet Pro should be in any geek’s toolbox!


When it comes to keeping track of accounts such as cellular and data, nothing is more important than knowing exactly what your usage is. Logging in and searching your account online can become a hassle, especially when on-the-go.

Consume from Bjango brings you the ability to monitor your usage on all of your accounts including mobile phone, broadband, tolls, rewards cards, and more right on your iPhone or iPod touch.