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Have you ever wanted to rule over an entire civilization? How about create a world, impart wrath, control the weather, reshape the landscape and even be worshipped?

With GodFinger, all of this becomes possible. The latest installment, GodFinger All-Stars has all the hilarity you know and love from the original version with some great new features. Like the original, GodFinger All-Stars is completely free and your account transfers over so you don’t lose all your hard work. Let’s take a look!


It was more than a decade ago when I would sit in the school computer lab, building highways, managing neighborhoods and collecting taxes. It was a social gaming experience- as much as existed in its day- with a roomful of peers working on or demolishing their own cities as well.

Here we are now, in a world where computer gaming and social media have fused into recognizable names like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars. And just when online social gaming is at its height through the desktop and laptop screens around the globe, we are introduced to the iPad.