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There are few greater awards for an app than to be featured at a product launch. Nike+ Move, created by the same software team that developed the Nike FuelBand, is the latest chapter in a close partnership between Nike and Apple. The app finds itself in an odd position: it is, by far, the most hyped program to use the M7 co-processor found in the iPhone 5S. It also utilizes the same score system as the FuelBand. Do these two factors create the ultimate fitness app, or a jumbled mess of ideas? (more…)

If there’s one genre of app that takes advantage of almost every sensor that the iPhone contains, it’s fitness apps. By monitoring and tracking our progress, they can be a key motivational tool to power through and keep up the exercise regime, and I see more people than ever with an iPhone strapped to their arm.

Nike has long been at the forefront of blurring the lines between fitness and technology, having started with their Nike+iPod sensor over seven years ago and continues to do so with Nike+ Running. It’s been some time since we initially published our Nike+ GPS review (over two and a half years ago, to be precise) and, since then, both the app and the Nike+ running service have undergone some fundamental changes.

Do you remember the Jawbone UP? You purchased the UP band, wore it on your wrist and downloaded the app to go with it. It tracked your steps, calories burned, how restful your sleep was and you could compare your results with your friends for motivation to get more active. It was a novel idea, and myself along with a few colleagues bought into it. A month or so later, Jawbone announced a recall/refund program for the UP band, after numerous reports of issues with the hardware. Soon after, the UP buzz was over. Apple Stores stopped stocking it, and the UP band was largely deemed a failure by critics.

Meet the Nike+ FuelBand — it’s the same kind of idea, but executed a lot better. Let’s take a look after the jump. (more…)