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There used to be a Papa Gino’s near my house that my parents would take me to when I was a kid. It was one of those deals where on your birthday you could make your own pizza behind the counter and everything. Anyways, they had a pretty small arcade in there — not more than one or two games — but they did have a this sit-down version where you sat across from a buddy and played against each other. Most places had Pac Man, but Papa Gino’s had Frogger.

I wasted many a day playing Frogger at that Papa Gino’s. When I found out that Frogger was available on the iPhone, you know I had to scoop it right up and give it a shot. Would it bring me back to my youth and those garlic-tinted days at the pizzeria, or was it just bad roadkill? Let’s find out. (more…)

Adventure games have always been my cup of tea because I like following the story of a hero, and these sorts of games can really do a good job of creating a character you love. It’s true though, that adventure games can be thin on the ground on the iPhone, so it’s always a joy to find a fun game with an involving story and a protagonist with whom you can really identify.

NCSoft’s recent title My Little Hero brings back all of the nostalgia of playing adventure games on early Nintendo consoles while injecting a fresh artistic sensibility to the genre. Swashbuckling sword fights and feats of daring do to save your comrades from evil are the order of the day in My Little Hero. (more…)