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Word processing and document editing is never going to be easy on the iPhone. The screen’s small, the keyboard’s smaller and you can’t insert any animated cat gifs, at least not without a lot of effort. There are some pretty spiffy writing apps for iOS, but it’s not the same as working on a desktop.

You know what, though? The iPhone is great at note-taking. Scribble out some ideas or outline your next draft — that’s where a writer can find some real use for an iPhone. Scratch, a note-taking app, is pushing those scribbles to the next level. Integration with just about everything and Markdown support really makes this little app a strong contender in the note-taking field. (more…)

Have you been frustrated by simplistic text editors and note apps for iOS? Whether you’re a dedicated writer or a code monkey who can’t quit pounding out code even when on the go, you’ve likely found that most office and note apps don’t quite cut it.

Nebulous Notes is a notepad-type app that aims to solve these problems. It includes tons of options to tweak so you can get your editing environment working just like you want, and even includes macros to help you enter common text or special characters without navigating through all the available keyboard layouts. Let’s look at how this app can help simplify your writing or coding on the go.

Services like Favstar.FM, Tweeteorites, and (the now defunct) Farvd, brought about a new dimension to using Twitter. The drive to get favorited. Now, I’m going to break something to you. You know those hilarious guys you follow, cranking out one-liners all day long? This is going to be shocking, but most of those tweets aren’t off the top of their head.

The raw material needs to be revised, perfected, and crafted into the perfect message. Let me introduce you to Birdhouse – a notepad for your not-quite-ready tweets!