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Our lives can get so busy at times. We need to take one of the kids to soccer practice, the other one needs to go to ballet, then the whole family needs to meet for dinner afterwards and it is crucial that you are all on time. Between my wife and I, we can try and text or call each other to stay in touch to make sure we arrive on time or to see where the other one is, but that can take up a lot of time, and to do this on the road is definitely not safe.

Now there is an alternative that can help, with an app named Twist. It gives you the opportunity to let someone know where you are and how long it will take to reach your destination without having to risk texting while you are driving. If this sounds intriguing, then follow along after the jump. (more…)

Some of us are responsible enough to look at our calendars and to-do lists without prompting, some of us need a bit of gentle prodding to get things done, and some of us need to literally be yelled at. If you live alone, however, or your housemates are unwilling to remind you of every appointment or due date, perhaps it would be best to have your iPhone yell at you. Phones also tend to be more reliable than roommates, spouses, parents or children.

There are a number of iPhone apps on the market to help you remember appointments, due dates, tasks and the like, Cleversome perceived a gap to be filled in ease of use and pure convenience, and recently released their own notification app, 3do. But does 3do really offer anything new? Is it worth the $4.99 price tag? Let’s take a look after the jump!


Task management has been one of the most explored categories in the App Store. There are tons of to-do list applications that all offer the same basic features and allow users to list and check off tasks as they are done. Taking a departure from this conventional way of thinking, PoweryBase has come up with a great way to manage tasks on the go.

NotifyMe is a simple reminder app for your iPhone. It’s touted as being “simple, yet so very powerful”. With a simple user interface, easy to understand graphics and a speedy experience, NotifyMe takes the task out of…well, creating tasks! Selling for $5.99, the app is a bit more pricy than the conventional to-do app, but it packs in the features to make it worthwhile.


Keeping track of future tasks – sometimes hours, days or months ahead – is a challenge for everyone. Little written notes can magically disappear, dedicated task management apps can seem overwhelming for such a purpose and managing everything within iCal? Well, apart from looking cluttered at some point, it’s not always good to have private stuff on that screen when someone else looks over your shoulder.

One solution to your worries could be TextMinder, an iPhone and iPod touch app that sends you mobile reminders (short messages) to help you keep track of things.


Apple certainly took their time to activate push notification for the iPhone, but the truth is that it has been worth the wait. As one of the most requested features, it proves to be very useful when used appropriately and with measure.

Boxcar takes advantage of this feature by providing an entry point for all your notifications: Twitter, Facebook, email and even RSS or Growl, and then firing the appropriate app to handle them. This review will take a look at how the app works, and explain where to start.