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There have been a few different assistant apps on the App Store in the past few years, including the popular Siri, which was so great that Apple bought it up. There are even rumors that soon Siri will be integrated into iOS 5, and we’ll all have personal assistants in our pockets.

Until then, Siri has languished from a lack of updates so in came Nuance Communications with their answer, Dragon Go! This is a voice-activated assistance app just like Siri, except on steroids. Want to know more? Hit that more link and let’s get talkin’.


This article reviews Dragon Dictation, a speech recognition and text conversion app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With Dragon Dictation, users can supplement the standard on-screen keyboard found on iOS devices with natural language, spoken word input.

The Smartphone war between Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices and Apple’s iPhone center around the keyboard. Long before the iPhone was released, RIM paired their large screen all-in-one mobile phone and email devices with sturdy, easy to use physical keyboards. The iPhone was designed with media and simplicity in mind so Apple opted for a virtual, on-screen keyboard. Both physical keyboards and virtual keyboards have drawbacks and as any Star Trek fan will tell you, voice input is the way of the future. Created by text-to-speech software creator Nuance, Dragon Dictation hopes to become the bridge between flawed mobile keyboards by evolving the way that people input text on their iOS devices.

Read on to find out if Dragon Dictation can improve the way that you enter text on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (more…)