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Apple’s Numbers app, part of the iWork suite of apps for iOS, has often been one of the most popular apps for crunching those numbers on the go, despite some rather painful limitations. It was certainly not a perfect app, far from it, but it worked well enough and looked good enough to still be useable, especially in the absence of any form of Microsoft Office for iOS.

With the relaunch of iWork on both Mac and iOS, Numbers received a huge makeover to include some of the new, and welcome, features that have made them so popular. But, despite the new makeover, some of the app just doesn’t add up.


I have mixed feelings about most games that I play on my iPhone. Sure, they’re fun, particularly for quick spells here and there, but put me in front of something that takes more time and I just lose interest.

But then there are games that go above and beyond the normal. They’re easy to pick up and play, yet addictive enough to lose yourself in for hours. They’re puzzlers, yet there’s something still beneath the surface. That, in essence, is Hundreds. (more…)

It’s Productivity Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all week we’re going to have app reviews and how-tos, all based on getting things done. Plus, we’ll even pull some classic reviews out of the archives. Stay tuned all week!

The Apple iWork suite is a popular purchase for Mac buyers, and once the iPad versions came out, they became almost standard buys. But it wasn’t until relatively recently that it became available for the iPhone, and now all Apple platforms have the ability to manipulate and edit documents on the go.

In our second of this three-series installment, we’re going to take a look at Numbers, the spreadsheet application that’s part of the iWork suite. Sure, you can make spreadsheets on your iPhone, but do you really want to? We’ll take a look at the app and how it can work into your daily workflow after the jump.