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The Olympic Games are without doubt the greatest sporting spectacle in the world; combining 36 major sports and only the very best athletes, the games also pose a logistical nightmare for organisers and spectators alike. If, like me, you aren’t fortunate enough to have tickets for your favourite events, keeping track of specific competitions and where to watch them can be a truly thankless task.

For the Beijing Games in 2008, I drew up a shortlist of events I wanted to see, complete with times, locations and where to watch them — only to inadvertently miss Usain Bolt smash Michael Johnson’s 200m sprint world-record, one of the most spectacular moments in the history of Athletics. However, thanks to the London 2012 Results app, it’s almost impossible to make such a mistake again. Check it out after the jump.


When I think of sports games, I think of ones with extreme graphics and hundreds of controls. Nowadays, games like FIFA and Madden have taken the App Store by storm. Even though these are great console games, I have never found them all that great for something like the iPhone.

If there were one sports game I’d recommend for the iPhone, it would have to be Flick Champions HD. Flick Champions HD is the iOS sports game done right. Read more about it after the jump. (more…)