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Holiday cheer or holiday hell– that is the question. November has arrived, and with it, the season of holiday entertaining. It’s time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner menu and buying supplies for Christmas cookie baking. Doe the very idea of preparing your first Thanksgiving dinner terrify you? Or maybe you’ve been having the same people over for the same Christmas menu every year and you need to shake things up a bit?

Food52 is here to help. The founders, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, have combined their own recipes and kitchen wisdom with that of their online community of home cooks to make the Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide, by Food52. A treasure trove of 127 recipes, 25 video tutorials and 800 step-by-step food photos and demonstration slide shows, this app aims to help you plan a party from start to finish.

Is the Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide, by Food52 the ultimate guide to holiday entertaining? Keep reading to find out.


Good knife skills are the foundation of preparing food. Without a sharp knife and the knowledge to use it, you won’t get very far in the kitchen. These roadblocks keep you from trying new recipes and limit your options at the grocery store. Kitchen Knife Skills is an instructional app that empowers users to master the knife and become more self-reliant, adventurous home cooks.

Using proper knife skills is not just about chopping ingredients; it’s about becoming more safe, thrifty and efficient in the kitchen. Learning the correct way to cut up an apple reduces waste. Once you’ve mastered basic knife skills you can throw out the gadgets clogging up your kitchen drawers — no need for a garlic press, apple corer or fancy mango and avocado slicers. You’ll be more adventurous, trying exotic ingredients you may have been intimidated to tackle in the past (ginger, pineapple, lobster, whole fish). Kitchen Knife Skills has everything you need to learn: knowledgeable instructors, step-by-step video demonstrations, clever tips and a knife-buying guide.

Don’t let lacking knife skills hold you back in the kitchen, keep reading to learn more about this useful resource for home cooks. (more…)