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Did you know that you can use your iPhone to hunt for lost or buried treasure? OK, maybe not real treasure, but still …

Tap “more” to discover ten apps that will have you scrambling through brambles, using multi-million dollar satellites to search for camouflaged tupperware in places you never even knew existed until now.


Its fair to say that camping trips are as prevalent today as they have ever been before, if not more so, ranging from family overnight trips to weeks away at a time. Nowadays, technology is an increasingly influential part of our lives and in recent years, largely due to the iPhone having brought highly sophisticated technology to the masses, these outdoors excursions have become greatly more technological.

Whereas before when high-tech pieces of equipment were left only to the professionals and regular campers, now anyone with an iPhone and a few bits of software can master the outdoors (or at least be significantly more prepared). Read on past the break to see what apps you should pick up for your next outdoors adventure. (more…)

Many people choose to head into the proverbial “Great Outdoors” and participate in the recreational activity that is camping. It can be a refreshing experience to enjoy nature outside of an urban setting, but it can also be an opportunity to cook up some great food.

Outdoor Eating comes from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It’s all about recipes for cooking outdoors, and provides a list of the ingredients needed plus the instructions to make it with ease. With Outdoor Eating, you can plan what you’re going to eat before you head out, guaranteeing you have the ingredients on hand. (more…)

All over the world, there are millions of hidden treasures called geocaches just waiting to be found. People just like you create and hide little boxes with stuff in them such as coins, marbles, pencils and more, and upload the coordinates to the official  Geocaching site . You only need a GPS or GPS-enabled device and the coordinates to one of them, and the adventure begins! Just remember, you can’t just find one of them and take everything in it. The rule is, if you take something, you need to put something else back in.

There are many ways you can practice Geocaching, like visiting, getting the coordinates to one of the caches, and use the Maps application on your iPhone to find the treasures. But the official Geocaching app makes it so much easier, as we’re about to discover.