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With over 225,000 applications available on the iTunes App Store, there is no shortage of apps that can do just about anything. Many of these pack in the features and over time, become more and more complex.

Enter Tapbots, a team of two guys who became interested in developing easy to use, focused and fun applications for the iPhone.┬áRight now, Tapbots offers three unique apps (or robots, as they like to call them). Here’s a quick look at their fun and friendly robot family.


When Apple came out with copy/paste functionality for the iPhone earlier this year, it received a warm welcome. Users were now able to have the basic ability to copy and paste text. But what about copy and paste functionality plus the added benefit of a clipboard that stores everything you copy, including images?

For users in need of more than the basic copy/paste you may want to consider Pastebot. This review will take a look at the functionality this wonderfully designed app has to offer.