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I am a longtime Pinterest user and can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing, pinning and pinning some more, so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon We Heart It by chance in the New & Noteworthy section of the App Store.

We Heart It was founded in 2008 and is slowly catching up with Pinterest in terms of monthly users and the amount of content available. But, the question is, do you and I really need another photo-sharing service, let alone one that is hailed to be as addictive as Pinterest? Click “more” to find out.


Remember when Bump was the new app? There was really something genuinely satisfying to physically Bumping your phone to share contact information. Well, Bump has done a lot of growing up since the old days. From starting out as a contact sharing app, to diverging off into a payment app, and now having evolved into a file transferring app (that Bumps with your computer too!), Bump is making sure that you haven’t forgot about it.

See what’s up Bump’s proverbial sleeve after the jump. (more…)

You know when you want to show someone a picture on your iPhone and you forget that the photo you are looking for is not actually on your iPhone, but on Facebook? So, you try to search for it on Facebook, and realize that you haven’t uploaded it there yet and it’s still on your computer at home. Well, now there is an app that keeps all of your photos in spot. What is this fantastical app you ask? Why, it’s Everpix, a comprehensive new photo platform that allows you to view, send and share photos from your photo collection within seconds.

Ready for the photo party? (more…)

The social photo-sharing landscape is vast (and often overwhelming!). Rising from the ranks, a relative newcomer is offering a twist for social photo-sharing enthusiasts: the ability to collaborate on photos. Focusing on the “social” aspect of social photo-sharing, Pixplit has created the ability for individual users to add their own element or fragment of a photo to help create a whole image. Basically, combining images is now all I’m going to be doing on my morning commute.

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Email newsletter and online phenom DailyCandy is already well-known for uncovering cool finds in fashion, cuisine, shopping, health, beauty and other areas. Now the powerhouse has launched a mobile app called DailyCandy Scout so its devotees can share their own fantastic discoveries.

Snap photos and post them to the app for the opportunity to earn bragging rights, win cool prizes (like $50 gift cards to awesome brands!) and interact with DailyCandy editors. Click “more” to take a look. (more…)

If you’re in love with the idea of taking and editing photos right from your phone, but could care less about the social media aspect of the experience, then PhotoMagic may just be your app. (Don’t worry, it still allows you to save and email your creations.)

The app is simple, easy to use and offers a few very basic editing features, plus a slew of elementary filters and frames. Click through to determine for yourself why PhotoMagic might — or might not — fit your brand of photo magic. (more…)

If you’ve ever been out with your friends and heard the cry, “Send me that picture right now!” followed by a chorus of agreement, you know that iPhone photo sharing on the go isn’t all it could be. As you and your friends take pictures, and everyone wants the pictures everyone else is taking, you may have become frustrated with the lack of options for social photo sharing or just wished there was a better way to get it done.

Flock is trying to be that better way. By connecting you to your friends via photo albums on your own closed social network exclusively for photo sharing, Flock lets you send and receive photos from your friends right away, without having to create a giant email list or post it all to Facebook. We’ll take a look at how it all works and find out if Flock really is a better photo sharing option for your friends after the jump.  (more…)

Instagram may be the current darling of the social photo sharing community, but Mobli is quickly gaining a loyal following.

Offering more than filters, Mobli is redefining the social photo sharing platform by enabling users to follow their interests and their friends. The sleek design, and the number of customizable options are a stark contrast to Instagram’s singular focus.

Learn more about Mobli’s photo sharing prowess after the jump.