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Last week, Apple dropped a few big products our direction. We saw a new AppleTV, 1080P video for true HD content, a new iPad and even more. And then there was iPhoto, the latest and greatest piece of software for the iPad that allows you to edit your pics right there on the device. Oh, and it’s a universal app too, so it’s on the iPhone! Yay!

But how would an app that’s built to perform well on the expansive screen of the iPad work with the iPhone? Let’s file down those fingertips and find out.  (more…)

As we know, more and more people are using their iPhones to take pictures to capture those special moments in their lives. Instagram set the bar pretty high for photo taking apps by giving you a great set of features and an easy way to make your pictures look great. Along the way, there have been many others that have tried to steal their thunder, and not many have succeeded.

EyeEm entered the scene in early August and got some very favorable write ups from some well known tech blogs. It comes with a variety of features, and although it’s very similar to Instagram, they do have some things that make them different. But, like always, the big question will be, does it do enough to convert the masses over to use it?

Don’t you hate it that you have to connect your phone to your computer to transfer a photo? Doesn’t it seem like this sort of action should be performed over Wifi?

Today’s app, Wifi Photo Transfer, does that very thing. It’s a simple, no-fluff application that allows you to access your phone’s photo libraries right from any web browser on any computer.


The iPad has been out for a few months now, and one of the most admired features has been it’s large screen, which displays videos and photos just magnificently.

One of the first apps out to allow you to edit your images on the device has been Photogene, which we will look at in detail in the course of this review. We will also touch on the subjects of competitors and how to get your images on the iPad.


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