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The concept of a paid social network may seem laughable to some, but thousands of supporters have turned this concept into reality. While the initial topic of conversation on was itself, chatter has shifted to everything from technology to Felix Baumgartner’s epic free fall from the edge of Space. The longterm success of the network is questionable, but it’s clear that the increasing quality of conversations housed within the confines of the network will greatly increase its chances.

Adian, by Phrygian Labs, Inc. was the first paid iOS application to breach the walls of the App Store, and it performed extremely well for such a short development cycle. Several months have passed since Adian’s initial release, and’s once barren app landscape has transformed into a lush playground for geekery. There’s now a client for almost every type of user.

How does Adian stand up to the current competition? Is it still a contender for marketshare or has it grown stagnant? (more…)