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In this week’s poll question, we want to know how often you use Apple’s new social network now that you’ve had a while to play with it.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of Ping. Has Apple created a great way to find new music or did they simply add a useless social aspect to iTunes? How could it be better?

Be sure to check out our thoughts in our recent article, iTunes Ping: Social Music Revolution or Complete Flop? where we take a look how Ping works, what Apple did right, and where they missed the mark.

Last week Apple released a music-based social network called Ping. Steve Jobs described Ping as “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes” and lauded it as an amazing new way to discover new music.

So is Ping the next great social network? What does this mean for MySpace Music and other music-related social sites like Today we’ll discuss these questions and more as we walk you through Ping’s basic functionality.