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Some people are just impossible to shop for, am I right? You always end up directly asking them what they want — or at least wishing you could.

Fontain is an app designed to remove this kind of stress from the equation of shopping for others, plus notify your friends and family members what it is you’re lusting after, too. The app will remind you of upcoming gift-giving dates, inform you when your friends or family receive gifts (no embarrassing duplicates!) and more. Click through to take a look. (more…)

What do you want, need, love? Wanelo can tell you. (Want, Need, Love — get it?) Kind of like Pinterest for shopping, this app lets you browse items other users have found and deemed cool enough to post. But instead of being limited to just oohing and aahing over what they’ve discovered, you can buy the items, too!

Browse, shop, buy or save items for later, plus connect with other users and maybe even start your own Wanelo following. Hit the jump and I’ll show you how it works. (more…)