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Do your kids complain about their packed lunches and bring home stinky, uneaten tuna sandwiches every day? Are you tired of fighting and temper tantrums as you hurriedly throw together lunch and get the kids off to school? What if packing lunches could be fun — like a game? What if you had a tool to help you quickly and easily plan ahead for packed lunches and grocery shop on the go?

LaLa Lunchbox is here to solve all your lunchtime woes and make meal-planning fun by getting the kids involved in the process. This unique app encourages your kids to plan a healthy, balanced meal based on ingredient parameters you set based on ingredients in your fridge. Kids customize their own monster avatar and plan meals by feeding the ingredients to the monster. It’s fun and innovative, while still being practical and useful.

Looking for a way to make packed lunches fun? Keep reading to learn more. (more…)

There is an almost indefinite number of task & time management apps out there. Some are very similar in their approach, but there is the occasional app that stands out from it’s competitors by offering a twist to the way it handles or displays tasks and events. Pocket Informant for iPad is such an app.

While with almost all other apps in the productivity category you have to choose between task and time management, Pocket Informant takes an integrated approach. Read on to find out how well it works out in every day life.

I’ve tried and reviewed a ton of productivity apps for both Mac and iPhone. Some I love, some I hate, but the dividing line between these two usually comes down to a few simple features as they all pretty much work the same way. A truly unique day planner or GTD app is quite the rarity. In fact, it’s more of an empty promise put forth by every app in this category and fulfilled by very few.

Diacarta is that one app that finally said “enough.” Enough of the same old productivity app reproduced in one hundred different variations, enough taking more time to enter tasks into your schedule than it actually takes to do them, and enough scrolling through a boring lists of tasks not designed for visual thinkers.

Below we’ll take a look at what Diacarta is and how it uses a simple and brilliant interface to change the way you plan your life.