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I’m a typography geek. I’ve written about it before, I’ve agonized over it before, and I’ve dreamt about if before. I’ve spent money on it (more than I’d maybe like to admit), and I’ve attended tours of old library vaults just to take a look at some print type from the Gutenberg days. Tonight, I was out at a family dinner at a restaurant and spent an inordinate amount of time staring at the menu because I thought it was written with Memphis Std Medium. (I think I ended up being wrong, but it was a close call.)

As a game, then, Type:Rider really excites me. The game is focused on a visual history of typography that’s reminiscent of some of my favourite iOS games to date — games like Rayman: Jungle Run and BADLAND. Its unique visual style and accessible gameplay makes it a winner for typography geeks and their normal friends. Read on to find out what makes Type:Rider an unforgettable experience.


Domo, the square-bodied, saw-toothed creature who was hatched from an egg, is the star of an exciting and epic adventure in Domo The Journey. He embarks on his altruistic trek upon his buddy Bear Boy’s abduction by the big bully known as Hungry Bear.

While Domo’s mission is to save his friend, can he also succeed in rescuing players of the 2D-platform game from boredom? Find out after the jump. (more…)