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In the runner game Aloha From Hawaii you get to control four lovable penguin characters, plus even switch between them mid-level. In fact, switching is not only encouraged but also heavily incorporated into the gameplay, since you’ll need to utilize all the penguins’ strengths to escape an angry mob of creatures and make it to the popsicle freezer before it’s too late.

Ultimately, you’re trying to get these four friends from the South Pole to postcard-perfect Hawaii, where all their penguin dreams are sure to come true. Come on, let’s take a look. (more…)

There are many who enjoy using the phrase “back in the day of gaming” to describe Nintendo’s dominance of video games, from the NES and SNES to the GameBoy. The Japanese corporation did indeed know what it was doing with video games, and it helped start a revolution. Nowadays, the classics like Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country are available on the Wii, Nintendo’s modern-day console, and also in emulators. But since such tools aren’t officially available on the iPhone, alternatives are valuable.

One such game is Soosiz, a 2D platformer developed by Touch Foo. If you’ve never heard of them, you may know of Swordigo, their variant of Zelda. Soosiz came first though, and it delivers its share of fun. Shall we find out how thorough the adventure is? (more…)

Going old school seems to be a common trend with games nowadays. The charming 8- or 16-bit  artwork, music and play style of the 90s is not only nostalgic fun for those who played the NES and similar game consoles back in the day, but provides a fresh and different experience for the recent generation of gamers.

One iOS game that does a remarkably good job of bringing the retro feel to the masses is Super Crate Box. It’s a frantic, fast-paced, and quite fantastic game that embodies the comeback of arcade age. (more…)

Platform games have always been a very popular category, with some of the world’s most popular and well-known franchises fitting into the genre. For example, Nintendo’s Mario is said to be the most famous character in video game history. Unfortunately, Nintendo has never brought their major franchise across onto the iPhone, so we’re left looking for alternatives.

Paper Monsters is a new platform game for both the iPad and iPhone, seemingly taking major inspiration from both the Mario franchise and the PlayStation 3-exclusive LittleBigPlanet line of games. Does it hold up to such lofty comparisons on the iPhone? Find out after the jump.  (more…)

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could find a game on your iPhone that didn’t have some adorable animal as its main character? Are you from the old school of gaming, where “death” didn’t mean an instant restart, it meant sucking it up, putting another quarter in the slot and gritting your teeth while you hoped you could get further than before?

League of Evil is kind of like that, except you don’t have to pay a quarter every time you’re bested by a level. Which is good, because otherwise I’d be broke by now.

As a huge games enthusiast, I’ve written about games that are fun for idling away a few spare moments, games that instill a feeling of great accomplishment when completed and games that take a bit of strategy to figure out. Of course, in that time, I have also played games that are clunky and difficult to the point of being unfun. Since I have no intention of wasting anyone’s time, I rarely tell anyone about these games. It is only on the sparsest of occasions that I come across a game that is so mind-blowingly hard, yet incredibly fun, as the one I bring to you today.

I began playing Super Stickman Golf back in May at the recommendation of a friend, and I haven’t yet made much of a dent in the set of courses available to play. Learning the game is simple, and you may feel good about your performance after your first few rounds. But don’t let that fool you: in order to enjoy this game, you must be prepared to be incessantly abused by failure. Have I scared you away yet? No? Then hit that jump to find out more.