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I like listening to podcasts on occasion, but I am by no means an avid listener like some people. And while I appreciate stunning design and I love a powerful app with tons of great functionality (think Pocket Casts), I start to fall asleep once somebody starts yammering on about the amazing things their favourite podcast app do. I get it — I’m the same way with my RSS apps. But my podcast needs are pretty simple: I just want to quickly find what I want to listen to, hit play, and enjoy.

This is why I was really intrigued by David Smith’s Pod Wrangler. It’s a podcast app that uses David Smith’s Feed Wrangler API as a backend sync. (If you don’t know, Feed Wrangler is an RSS service David built with its own vibrant and open API. It’s what I’ve been using in the wake of Google Reader’s demise.) Pod Wrangler is incredibly simple and straightforward. Instead of being loaded with functionality that makes the experience feel convoluted, its barebones nature helps me get in and out of the app as quickly as possible. It’s a perfect fit for the way I listen to podcasts. Read on to find out if Pod Wrangler is perfect for you too. (more…)

As an fan of Apple, I’m sometimes bestowed the label of “fanboy” by some individuals. I often find these incidents to be humorous, as most of the individuals bestowing me the title could in fact be labeled fanboys as well — but for another tech company. I have zero qualms being called an Apple fanboy, as I’m proud to support a company that creates stellar software and hardware. Likewise, I’ve often touted my love for Pocket Casts over all other podcast apps, and could very well be branded a Pockets Casts fanboy.

Since my initial review of Pocket Casts way back in August 2011, I’ve continued to utilize it for all my podcasting needs. When Pocket Casts 4 was initially released for Android over iOS, I was disappointed. When the new app was delayed after the announcement of iOS 7 at WWDC, I was disappointed even more so. With the arrival of iOS 7, Pocket Casts 4 has finally found its way to my iPhone. The question is, was it worth the wait? (more…)

Recently, I have been experiencing some technical issues with Podcasts, so I figured that it was about time I check out some of the other podcast apps to see how they compare. One of them was Stitcher Radio, an on-demand service boasting over 15,000 shows and stations.

Originally released in 2008, Stitcher Radio has since gained quite a following and is now a firm App Store favorite. But is this app worthy of such stature? Let’s find out!


Last June, Apple released a standalone podcasts management app with the rather simple moniker, Podcasts. To say the app was met with little fanfare is putting it quite mildly. In my original review of Podcasts, I too found the app to be underwhelming, with a list of issues and very few features for power users.

Recently, Apple released version 1.2 of Podcasts, bringing with it an all-new Now Playing view, custom stations, and a host of supposed syncing and stability improvements. Aftering putting Podcasts through its paces, I’m ready to give each and everyone of you fine readers the inside scoop on what these updates have to offer. (more…)

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just a few days before my podcast management app roundup went up, in which I stated that “the system of downloading podcasts in iTunes and then jumping over to the Music app to listen to them isn’t very simple or intuitive,” Apple released their own dedicated podcast management app for iOS. Boy, don’t I look foolish.

However, even with the release of Podcasts, Apple hasn’t necessarily guaranteed users an podcast management app that rivals the experience found in third-party apps (e.g. Instacast, Downcast and Pocket Casts). Hit the jump and find out if Podcasts has what it takes to unseat the competition from your iOS device. (more…)

I realized one day as I was driving in my car that I started to get a little tired of always listening to music. Then I remembered that I could download podcasts on iTunes to listen to on my iPhone. So when I got home, I went into iTunes and downloaded a bunch of podcasts. Needless to say, after a week of getting my podcasts this way, I was left with wanting something better than what I was currently doing.

Ironically, as I was listening to a podcast on my iPhone, I heard about Instacast, and these guys that were talking about it were raving about how much they loved using it. So, it was at that point that I decided to give it a try myself.  The more I used it, the more I started to fall in love and with many features being added over time, this has definitely been my go-to app for podcasts.

Podcasts are synonymous with the iPod, and have grown in popularity since the mid-2000s. Today, many people enjoy listening to podcasts on the go thanks to their iPhones. While the iPhone lets you download podcasts via iTunes, it offers little in the ability to manage them.

Some podcast listeners are content with using this archaic system, but podcast fanatics want the ability to manage their subscriptions, be notified when new episodes are available and stream over 3G. While these are basic features you’ll find in most podcast apps, find out why Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast management apps after the jump.