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There are many ways to share where you are: a phone call, a text message, a Facebook check-in, Foursquare … each of these are available directly from that phone in your pocket, and it’s easy to forget their origins.

One of the oldest ways of sharing where you are (or where you’ve been) is by sending a postcard. These simple cards were nothing more than a picture and whatever you could scribble on the back without completely obscuring the address, and for years they worked just fine.

Postcards have been largely forgotten, and Hipster aims to bring the oldest form of rubbing in the fact that you’re in a cooler place than the recipient into the modern age.


If you’ve ever longed for a more technological solution to the frustration of sending postcards when travelling abroad, I’d like to introduce you to Postage, a $4.99 app that makes this process enjoyable, beautiful, and far less expensive (probably!)

Postage for the iPhone allows you to easily create beautiful electronic postcards from your photos and share them with your friends and family. Let’s take a look at how it works, and whether it’s worth taking away with you next time you go on vacation!