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I always wonder which one of the modern day technological tools that people hate the most. There are two items that should be at the top of almost everybody’s list: email and spreadsheets. Email is dead cheap, it works well until people decide to get lazy and there is always a lot of innovation happening in that domain all the time.

Spreadsheets on the other hand are a symbol of monotony and boredom. They stand right next to PowerPoint presentation slides when it comes to creativity killing potential. Sadly, there isn’t a better way to consolidate numbers.

Viz audaciously tries to take on spreadsheets when in comes to interpreting numbers to your audience. How far can this app go given the limited screen real estate and resources of a smartphone? (more…)

They say that the best tool for the job is the one you have with you, and when it comes to giving a presentation, that’s what Keynote for the iPhone is all about. Instead of lugging your laptop all over the place just to handle a presentation, instead all you need is your iPhone and a projector adapter cable and you’re good to go. Plus, your amazing technical skills could really impress the boss.

In this, the final installment in our iWork on the iPhone series, we’ll get into just how functional Keynote for the iPhone is, and whether or not its made the transition to the mobile arena well, or if there are still a few more kinks to be worked out. Find out after the jump.