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It seems that everywhere you look someone has a suggestion on how to handle email. Unfortunately, a lot of people talk about email but few decide to actually change how email works. Mailbox is a new app which aims for users to rethink email and how it fits into your life. If you have researched ways to handle your email better you might have heard of Inbox Zero. It’s the ultimate clean slate when you reach zero emails in your inbox. Having no emails that beg for your attention helps free your mind to think clear and maybe even relax.

The release of the Mailbox app has been hyped on the tech news scene a lot since February. You even might be on the waiting list for the app. Are you currently struggling with email? Then keep reading to see if Mailbox really does put email in its place. (more…)

Task management has been one of the most explored categories in the App Store. There are tons of to-do list applications that all offer the same basic features and allow users to list and check off tasks as they are done. Taking a departure from this conventional way of thinking, PoweryBase has come up with a great way to manage tasks on the go.

NotifyMe is a simple reminder app for your iPhone. It’s touted as being “simple, yet so very powerful”. With a simple user interface, easy to understand graphics and a speedy experience, NotifyMe takes the task out of…well, creating tasks! Selling for $5.99, the app is a bit more pricy than the conventional to-do app, but it packs in the features to make it worthwhile.


Apple certainly took their time to activate push notification for the iPhone, but the truth is that it has been worth the wait. As one of the most requested features, it proves to be very useful when used appropriately and with measure.

Boxcar takes advantage of this feature by providing an entry point for all your notifications: Twitter, Facebook, email and even RSS or Growl, and then firing the appropriate app to handle them. This review will take a look at how the app works, and explain where to start.