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I’m a big fan of trivia, so I’m always on the look out for a good trivia game for iOS. I have tried many different versions, and none of them really lived up to my expectations. Trivia games were either too easy or too difficult, buggy or just plain ugly.

So when I first saw a friend of mine playing MAG Interactive’s Quizcross, I immediately asked him what he was playing. I downloaded the app shortly after, and since then I have not looked back. Find out what makes Quizcross such an amazing trivia game after the break. (more…)

If you’re a pop culture enthusiast, you’ll love Icon Pop Quiz. The game tests your knowledge of everything from TV shows and movies to celebrities and well-known characters.

Gameplay is simple: You’re presented with a grid of abstract, mod-looking icons, each one meant to symbolize a person or thing. If you think you know the answer, just click the icon and type it in. What do you get if you’re right? Points and a few other things, but mostly bragging rights — isn’t that the best part of being a pop culture wiz anyway?

Click “more” to see whether you’re up to the test. (more…)

Whether it’s five minutes while you wait for your coffee, ten minutes spare in your lunch break or even whole hours on plane journeys, almost everyone has some spare time to kill. There’s a grey area between productive apps and apps with little use — these are the apps we play purely to kill time.

Traditionally, these are games. We all have at least one or two apps that we use to waste away time we wouldn’t do anything else with. If you happen to be short of these apps, don’t fret; I’ve compiled a list that will help you fill up your time indefinitely. (more…)