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I’m a huge music geek. I run a music blog, have over 10,000 songs in my iTunes library, and am always listening to new music on Rdio. Despite all that, though, I still find the music discovery process to be a really difficult and involving thing. I’m subscribed to email lists, I follow a bunch of bands on Facebook, and I use whatever services I can to keep up with new releases (surprisingly, Wikipedia is amazing for that).

Internet radio is one of those things that could be a great tool for music discovery if it had the right app to go with it, though. And Radium is exactly that right app. It’s been recently updated for iOS 7 and is one of the best audio experiences you can have on the platform. Read on to find out why this is a must-try.


While some radio and television networks have firmly cemented themselves in the past, opposing digital distribution of media, the BBC has been quite the opposite, embracing digital distribution with their award-winning iPlayer service. More recently, the BBC has been quietly revolutionising radio in the same way they did with television by making almost every radio show broadcast available through iPlayer, with a select number even distributed as podcasts.

To make BBC radio as accessible as possible, the company have released the BBC iPlayer Radio app, which has recently been updated with podcast support. It’s an app we’ve not looked at so far, but with the golden age of podcasting upon us, it’s high-time we check out the latest app from the Beeb.


If you’ve ever taken a trip on the London Underground (or any subway service for that matter) then you’ll no doubt notice that each train is littered with small ads, providing both an effective means of marketing whilst giving us commuters something to read when we’ve accidentally left our headphones at home.

Sandwiched between the various online dating sites (apparently everyone in London is lonely) and cosmetic surgery boutiques was an ad for a new online music service called The ad, promising features such as 22 million tracks, offline playback and a radio service similar to that of Spotify and Rdio, was enough to pique my interest. After spending a few days with the iPhone app and service, I can honestly say it is making me think twice about continuing my Spotify Premium subscription.


Recently, I have been experiencing some technical issues with Podcasts, so I figured that it was about time I check out some of the other podcast apps to see how they compare. One of them was Stitcher Radio, an on-demand service boasting over 15,000 shows and stations.

Originally released in 2008, Stitcher Radio has since gained quite a following and is now a firm App Store favorite. But is this app worthy of such stature? Let’s find out!


Sometimes, an app comes along that fits a small niche in a really interesting, kind of absurd way. How many people really need an app that combines ambient music with police radio? And out of the people who think they need that app, how many are willing to pay for it? Any development time is a gambling risk; wasted time developing an app that doesn’t work out is potentially wasted money (or so the saying goes — don’t ask me, I’m still trying to earn pennies by saving them so I fall for these scams all the time). Regardless, somebody put this app together. It’s called La Vue, it’s a universal app and it’s on the App Store for $0.99.

There’s no denying the concept is pretty cool, but cool concepts with weak implementations are never any good. The real question I had going into this isn’t why anybody would bother putting this together; it’s such an original and cool idea that the real question is why somebody wouldn’t. But I did wonder if the design was any good, if the app matched or exceeded its value and who could really use an app like this. My answers surprised me. (more…)

Sirius XM is a radio subscription service which provides most of their content commercial free. You most likely have seen a Sirius XM enabled radio in a car and might even already be a subscriber, but did you know Sirius XM is also available on iOS?

The Sirius XM app for iOS enables subscribers to keep jamming or listen to their favorite talk show while not in the car. Using the service through the app does include some extra features. These extra features include being able to listen to shows on demand, pausing events, songs, or shows, and starting at the beginning of a song when tuning to a station with TuneStart.

Read on to see if including Sirius XM Internet streaming is right for you. (more…)

Music is one of mobile’s most competitive sectors. Consumers enter into the fray the minute they purchase an iOS device, with iTunes serving as their initial music player. But no matter how good your collection may be, inevitably it will become stale. That’s when you’ll start seeking out a way to get exposed to new music and where the real battle for your attention begins.

OneTuner Pro hopes to become your favorite music-discovery app by streaming stations broadcast in about 75 different languages from more than 180 countries. With the added 60-plus genres of music and talk available, along with a personalized social media news feed, OneTuner Pro warrants some exploration. (more…)

If you’re a fan of music, then you should be a fan of satellite radio. That’s because it offers over 140 sports, talk and music stations, most of which are commercial free. Currently, the big leader in the market is SiriusXM, the combo pack made up of both Sirius and XM Radio. It used to be that to enjoy their offerings you needed a special receiver connected to a branded radio at your home or in your car, but now all you need is your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now you might be thinking, “I remember the Sirius app coming out a long time ago. Why should I get excited about it this time around?” Well, the app has been refreshed but more importantly, so has the content. So what makes it so special? Hit the jump and we’ll work it out.


Those of us who aren’t living in a country lucky enough to have Spotify are still on the lookout for the ideal streaming radio app. Most services that let you have any say in the songs that play charge you a monthly fee. Others, like Pandora, merely let you guide the stream in a vague direction based on your personal interests.

Jelli is a new player in this category with a novel idea: vote-driven live radio. Keep reading to see what exactly this is, how it works and whether you should try it.

With all the games, social networking and productivity apps flooding the App Store, it’s easy to forget that your iPhone is the best mobile music device on the market.

Aside from the awesome built-in iPod, there are plenty of great radio apps out there that allow you to listen instantly to just about anything you could want. Below we’ll look at a handful of all-star radio apps that you should try today.


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