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You have three mutants slicing at you with razor sharp knives and only four bullets left in your machine gun. You’ve just entered the world of Rage, the newest application from the developers of Doom. Rage pushes the limits on using your iPad and iPhone for gaming. The game features amazing graphics with detail and speed you would expect from a PS3 or Xbox.

Rage is a point and shoot game, with your main objective to mame and kill as many mutants as possible. It takes all the same graphics and power you’ve come to expect on a gaming console and brings it to your mobile device. Play through three challenging and detailed levels, the Bunker, Tenements, and the Asylum. You have a choice of three weapons as you progress through the levels and fight off swarms of mutants, choose from a shotgun, a machine gun, or a pistol. Take aim at the horde of mutants and unload your clip before they reach you.