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Aliens are invading the Earth! Where are they from? Who knows. What do they want? Good question. One thing is for sure: They must be stopped! The only ones up to the task are the stars of Random Heroes 2, a menagerie of warriors assembled to take on the bad guys on their home turf.

Much like its predecessor, Random Heroes, your army and your arsenal must adapt and get stronger in order to destroy the menace that threatens the planet. Think you’re up to the task? Find out what your mission entails after the jump! (more…)

Beat-’em-up games have sort of a base appeal. While playing them, you essentially keep hitting things until there are no more things to hit. Along the way, you might integrate strategy to achieve this task faster or find ways to hit harder, but the formulas found in these games — especially when it comes to enemy attacks — keep them mindlessly simple, unrivaled fun that probably encourages violent behavior in the real world.

Ah, well.

Several games surround their brawls with heroic stories of saving the day and rescuing enslaved denizens of fictional cities. Not Beatdown. The premise in this punch-packing bout is all about revenge. If you’re ready to take out some aggression, Beatdown might just be the game for you. Find out why after the jump.


Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could find a game on your iPhone that didn’t have some adorable animal as its main character? Are you from the old school of gaming, where “death” didn’t mean an instant restart, it meant sucking it up, putting another quarter in the slot and gritting your teeth while you hoped you could get further than before?

League of Evil is kind of like that, except you don’t have to pay a quarter every time you’re bested by a level. Which is good, because otherwise I’d be broke by now.