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I’ve been an Instapaper devotee for a while. When people talk about their “workflows,” Instapaper is a vital part of mine. There’s a few things I really like about it (especially its business model, but I won’t get political). That being said, iOS 7 is bringing about a sea of change. Between that massive update and Betaworks’ acquisition of Instapaper, I was curious about the other offerings.

Although I know that there’s an update to Instapaper for iPhone that’s pretty nice and a bigger update for iPad coming, Pocket beat them to the market. With the newest updates to Pocket, the app is now built for iOS 7 and comes complete with all the new technologies that the update enables. Read on to find out what I think.


Since its inception, the iOS App Store has birthed many an app battle. Whether it be Rovio taking on the world (and winning) or minnows like Draw Something causing a stir amongst the big guns, success is not guaranteed but competition is one thing you can count on.

Read later apps are no different, since the original iOS apps were released by Read It Later (now Pocket) and Instapaper in 2008, competition to be the de facto standard has been fierce. Cue the release of Readability in March, another competitor and another piece of the pie to fight for. Want to know which app is best? How do their features compare? Stick around to find out. (more…)

As someone that spends a lot of time searching for and trying out new apps, I get really excited when a developer releases a major update to their app. What’s even more exciting is when a developer decides change nearly everything about it. Such an event occurred this month when Read It Later was re-released and dubbed Pocket.

I recently reviewed Readability (a major rival of Pocket), which I dubbed as “a simple and elegant tool that not only allows you to save web pages to read later, but displays web pages in a clean and customized reading view.” After spending time with Pocket as my default “save for later” app, I’m ready to share my thoughts on how it stacks up against such heavy competition. (more…)