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The App Store celebrated its one billionth app download in 2009, a time when Retina displays were a mere dream and multitasking required two iPhones. Reeder made its debut after the 2009 milestone and was one of the first apps to bring style to iOS RSS readers. In the three years since this milestone, downloads exceeded the 25 billion mark, and Apple finally pushed past the mark of platform parity. Just like the savvy developers at Apple, Rizzi continued to push innovative designs, and the app grew along with the operating system that held it.

Reeder 2 featured major design and performance improvements, and it quickly became a gold standard as well as a dock companion. Rizzi dropped several hints about Reeder 3 over the last few months, but none of these juicy bits prepared users for the dramatically different experience provided by the newest update. Reeder’s new 3D animations and improved picture handling brought quick praise, but critics were just as quick to critique the app on its extensive push of the Readability service.

Does Reeder 3 improve upon its predecessor, or has the update tarnished this app’s excellent reputation?


Since its inception, the iOS App Store has birthed many an app battle. Whether it be Rovio taking on the world (and winning) or minnows like Draw Something causing a stir amongst the big guns, success is not guaranteed but competition is one thing you can count on.

Read later apps are no different, since the original iOS apps were released by Read It Later (now Pocket) and Instapaper in 2008, competition to be the de facto standard has been fierce. Cue the release of Readability in March, another competitor and another piece of the pie to fight for. Want to know which app is best? How do their features compare? Stick around to find out. (more…)

One of the great things about the Internet is the constant stream of information available all the time. If you’re reading this review, there’s a pretty good chance you also enjoy browsing other websites to learn about what’s going on in the world. In doing so, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a situation in which you wanted to read something but didn’t have time. Perhaps you left a tab open on your browser to read it later, or thought that you’d remember to check it next time you were online (but didn’t).

In situations such as this, it would be nice to save the article so that you could read it at your leisure, possibly on a multitude of devices.Now, I know that my scenario may conjure up images of Instapaper or even Safari’s Reading List feature, however, Instapaper will run your $4.99 and Safari’s Reading List is limited by the fact that you have to use Safari. If you want a service as great (if not greater in some aspects) as Instapaper at none of the cost, then Readability is just the service for you. Find out more after the jump. (more…)