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When the iPhone 4S was released, there was a collective groan from tech pundits everywhere saying, “That’s it?” Everyone wanted something different from Apple, including a new design (something I’m guilty of myself), but what came with the 4S was a feature named Siri that we all thought was pretty neat, but not really a game changer.

Thing is, it really is a reason to buy the iPhone 4S, as me and thousands of others have found over the past few months. But don’t take my word for it — a recent study shows that iPhone 4S owners use twice as much data as previous generation iPhone owners, and the only reason can be Siri. What’s all the hype about? Let’s find out why after the jump.


It’s true that we review a lot of productivity apps over here on iPhone.AppStorm. There are apps that offer a new form of syncing, apps that keep your to-do lists in different ways or boast a new interface that the developers believe will help you get things done. Wading through the App Store can be hard, and Apple is here to help with your need for a to-do app.

Meet Reminders, the brand new app that is included with every install of iOS 5. With advanced features and a familiar interface, Apple is hoping that Reminders will be simple enough to be used by anyone, but powerful enough to be used by everyone. Have they produced an app worthy of being placed on every install, or did they forget to make Reminders worthwhile? Read on and find out.

Managing one’s busy schedule can almost become impossible without a necessary to-do or calendar app. Luckily, the App Store is filled with them, but finding the right one, free at that, is the ultimate challenge. Look no further than Wunderlist.

Wunderlist, developed by 6 Wunderkinder, is a “cloud-sync task manager,” although sharing tasks with friends and colleagues is only in addition to an overall solid, feature-rich to-do list app. Of course, Apple has their own Reminders app that is available in the forthcoming iOS 5, but it’s nowhere close to the sophistication Wunderlist provides.

It’s Productivity Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all week we’re going to have app reviews and how-tos, all based on getting things done. Plus, we’ll even pull some classic reviews out of the archives. Stay tuned all week!

If there is one absolutely necessary app I have to have on a fresh installation of iOS, it’s a powerful task manager. Noticeably missing from iOS as a native feature is the ability to create to-do lists, manage tasks and stay on top of your day-to-day schedule.

There is definitely no shortage of task managers and to-do apps available on the App Store. Apple is even planning their own Reminders offering that aims to do away with third-party apps like Things in the upcoming launch of iOS 5. However, a dedicated user base and a strong word-of-mouth reputation have urged us to see if Things really has what it takes to compete with the countless alternatives.

In a world where major corporations get broken into every day, it seems like we all could use a bit more security. Passwords get compromised all the time, and sometimes, you want that private photo to stay private. The problem is that if you leave your phone alone for any amount of time and you don’t have it password locked, there’s an opportunity for someone to tamper with it and do harm to your name, reputation or even your wallet.

But we don’t all have the money for a private bodyguard, right? Actually, you just might. Now there’s Ben the Bodyguard, an app designed to protect your most secret of goods and keep them hidden from friends and family members. How does it work? Hit the jump and we’ll tell you the private details.

How often do you let your toast burn, brew your tea for 20 minutes, or forget to turn off the sprinkler when watering your grass? Or do you have a harder time remembering that you need to call your Mom on your lunch break, submit your proposals before the deadline, and more? Most of us need something that will stay on our back and not let us forget the littlest things we need to do, and relying on your spouse, parent or boss to remind you isn’t a great idea.

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is the ideal reminder device. It’s really the best personal digital assistant that had ever been made, even if we don’t usually call iOS devices PDAs. The only problem is, the default Clock app doesn’t make it easy to set quick alarms for specific tasks, and you can only have one timer going at once. That’s not nearly enough for the variety of reminders and timers you’ll actually need to really remember everything.

Due is an elegant new app that’s designed to solve this problem. You can quickly add reminders for everything you need to do, whether it’s today or next week. You can also create reusable timers that you can activate with one flick, so you’ll never forget your brownies in the oven again. Keep reading to check out more of Due’s features to see if this is the app you need to turn your iOS device into a better PDA!


If there’s one big advantage that Android has over iOS, it’s arguably the lock screen. Although it’s neat to customize the wallpaper on your lock screen with images of your uncle’s weird gun collection, it would be nice if you could see what you have to do for the day or check out a quick reminder. Well it turns out there is a way to do that via a quick workaround, as well as a way to have handy reminders on the lock screen.

It’s called Sticky Notes Pro, and it’s a cool little app that lets you do all that and more. It even comes with a handy video to show you all of the nuances of the program. So is it worth the low price? Good question. Fortunately, we have the answer.


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