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When Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, retailers and restaurants soon released apps as a means to make their business more accessible to customers. The thing is, though, most of the ones they released were not very good. Some apps, in fact, were embarrassingly bad, and still continue to be bad to this day.

It seems only logical that big name businesses would be able to hire great developers to create amazing apps, but for the majority of retail and restaurant apps this is simply not the case. However, in the several dozen retail and restaurant apps available today, there are 15 apps that are quite good. Some even great. (more…)

It’s common knowledge that our oceans are in trouble. Coral reefs are dying, the glaciers are melting and our precious seafood resources are being overfished. These problems are huge, and finding the solution is a daunting task.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch app seeks to help consumers protect the oceans by choosing ocean-friendly seafood. Whether you’re browsing a menu in the sushi restaurant or standing at the fish counter of the grocery store, the Seafood Watch app provides quick and easy answers. If you’re concerned about where your seafood comes from and supporting sustainable fishing, you may find the Seafood Watch app to be a useful pocket guide. Keep reading to find out more about saving our oceans. (more…)

With the numerous and varied food-finding apps on the market, the average restaurant goer has an arsenal of handy decision-helping technology at his fingertips. You can search for what is closest, what cuisine you love and even what local chefs recommend. But what about searching for ambiance, in other words, a particular vibe. Say you are looking for a place to go on a romantic date, and you are looking for a restaurant that is reasonably priced, cozy, romantic and maybe a little Don Draper-esque? Or maybe your companion is of the printed kind (come on, you know you’ve shunned human dinner dates so that you could read about that juicy love triangle that was just starting to develop in the book you said you would never read, but somehow made its way into your hands by way of impractical night of vino and No? Just me?) Well, friends, Hoppit can help you out.

Ready to see what your city has to offer? (more…)

When I married a woman who is an incredible cook and loves to bake, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that also meant I was now obligated to watch hours of programming on the Food Network. In the last five years I’ve seen so much Paula Deen my arteries are clogged just from watching, and I’ve learned that you can make literally anything into a food competition with ingredients I’ve never even heard of (what exactly is “jaggery” anyway?).

Well, if you’re a foodie like my wife who loves watching the Food Network then you might interested in their new app, Food Network On the Road. The question now is does it live up to the promise of helping you find all the places where the stars eat when you’re on the road? Read on to find out. (more…)

How often do you find yourself looking for the next best place to eat? There are so many options these days, and you never know where to go for the best reviews. Yelp has proven to be very trustworthy with a lot of nifty features, and it also holds a large share of users in their community — but what about something new?

Nosh is the perfect mobile network for all foodies and app enthusiasts. It’s a great way to share your experience with eating out at nearly any restaurant, and is practically the best mobile app for reviewing foods and the overall dining experience. For more info, hit the jump.


Once upon a time, when people were hungry and in a hurry they had to either run through a fast-food drive-through or actually go through the trouble to make a phone call and talk with a human being to place an order to be picked up or delivered. Such archaic practices are giving way to online ordering, a much more cold and impersonal way to order your food.

All sarcasm aside, I actually love ordering food online. You skip the line, there’s much less chance of a failure in communication (which leads to improper orders), and you can take as much time as you want to look through the various options that are available without eating up anyone’s time but your own.

The restaurant industry has had large-scale ordering websites in place for years now, but we’re only just now starting to see the tip of this iceberg appear in the mobile app world. Today we’ll take a brief look at the state of ordering food using only iPhone apps.

Let’s face it, a night out can be quite expensive. Your typical dinner, drinks and a movie for two people can easily hit upwards of $60-$70 if you aren’t careful.

That’s where Happy Hours comes in. A neat little app that makes it a cinch to locate bars and restaurants that are currently serving drinks or food at a discounted price.


After deciding to eat out, I often find myself asking the questions “where should I eat?” or “is that restaurant any good?” Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way and ask around, or run a web search, but what if there was a better way?

Urbanspoon, a free, user friendly, iPhone application is here to solve your dining dilemma. We’ll be taking a look at how easy it is to find a new restaurant, narrow down your search, and even look around using food-finding augmented reality.