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When Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, retailers and restaurants soon released apps as a means to make their business more accessible to customers. The thing is, though, most of the ones they released were not very good. Some apps, in fact, were embarrassingly bad, and still continue to be bad to this day.

It seems only logical that big name businesses would be able to hire great developers to create amazing apps, but for the majority of retail and restaurant apps this is simply not the case. However, in the several dozen retail and restaurant apps available today, there are 15 apps that are quite good. Some even great. (more…)

The infamous coupon website RetailMeNot has been online for a couple of years now. You can find coupons for nearly all the famous brands including Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy and so many more. Their team released a new iOS app which is the perfect companion for their site.

You’ll be able to find new coupon codes and even redeem them inside the store. Often times these coupons will work when you’re shopping online. But even if you don’t shop on your phone, it’s easy enough to copy down the codes into your web browser. I’ll say this is one a handy application for the many frugal shoppers out there. (more…)