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I am a huge fan of subscribing to RSS feeds as a way to keep up with the news that is going on around our country and world. As I get older, I’m not sure if I get lazier or if I just want to be more efficient, but I find that I am starting to unsubscribe from more feeds. It kind of gets to the point where if I am not keeping up on my news on a daily basis, my news reader tends to get overloaded with stories and I never get through them all.

Then the other day, I read about this 17-year-old developer who created a news app specifically for the iPhone. My first thought that came to mind was that this was “just another” one to add to a slew of them that are on the App Store. But, what originally caught my attention was the fact that this developer was so young that I just had to see what he had churned out. In short, I was amazed at what he produced in his app named Summly. (more…)