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If there’s one genre of app that takes advantage of almost every sensor that the iPhone contains, it’s fitness apps. By monitoring and tracking our progress, they can be a key motivational tool to power through and keep up the exercise regime, and I see more people than ever with an iPhone strapped to their arm.

Nike has long been at the forefront of blurring the lines between fitness and technology, having started with their Nike+iPod sensor over seven years ago and continues to do so with Nike+ Running. It’s been some time since we initially published our Nike+ GPS review (over two and a half years ago, to be precise) and, since then, both the app and the Nike+ running service have undergone some fundamental changes.

Whether you’re looking to start running, or looking to run your fastest race ever, Gipis Running can deliver a plan specifically for you. Just set your running goal and the app will handle it from there. Gipis will provide you with a training regimen to complement your running experience (if applicable), your goals and your schedule.

Then all you have to do is … run! Log your runs using the app, upload your workouts and then kill it out there on the track. That’s all there is to it. Come on, click “more” and I’ll show you how it all works. (more…)

A lot of people find exercise to be more enjoyable when they’re also listening to music, and there’s the argument that a good song can even boost your performance during a workout.

The makers of Cruise Control: Run have taken that idea one step (ha!) further by finding a way to adjust in real time the music on your iPhone. This means you can set your target pace or just start running, and the app will continually keep the rhythm in check so that your footsteps fall just so. Click “more” and I’ll show you how it works. (more…)

What’s that shadow over there … they’re following you … runner No. five … they’re following you now … the swarm from the car park … RUN! And with the sound of zombie moaning in my ears, I picked up my pace and did just that — I ran.

Nowadays, we are all looking for a way to spice up our workout and make it more fun.  A new playlist that boosts your motivation, TVs built into exercise equipment and intense gladiator training all exist but why did no one think of hiring zombies to get us to move more? Zombies, Run! does just that. (more…)

In the runner game Aloha From Hawaii you get to control four lovable penguin characters, plus even switch between them mid-level. In fact, switching is not only encouraged but also heavily incorporated into the gameplay, since you’ll need to utilize all the penguins’ strengths to escape an angry mob of creatures and make it to the popsicle freezer before it’s too late.

Ultimately, you’re trying to get these four friends from the South Pole to postcard-perfect Hawaii, where all their penguin dreams are sure to come true. Come on, let’s take a look. (more…)

I’ve never been a great skier or snowboarder. The last time I hit the slopes I spent most of the time on the ground trying awkwardly to get back up. The closest I’ll ever come to a black diamond is in a game, and Ski Safari let me fly down the mountain with style.

Ski Safari, from Defiant Development, is an endless runner (“endless skier” would be more appropriate), with a very straightforward premise. You are rudely awakened from your sleep by being flung out of your cabin and forced to outrun the avalanche that is following you. What happens next is where the fun begins.  (more…)

I’m a casual runner. It’s a sport that I’ve picked up and let fall many times in the course of my life. At the moment, I’m enjoying probably the most sustained period of regular running that I’ve so far managed. I do want to emphasise that: enjoying this past year of regular workouts really has been rewarding and fun.

I began this period with my iPhone, using the excellent Get Running app to get from my couch to running 5k in a few months. And then I wanted to keep track of my runs and tested a few different apps, including Nike+ GPS and Runmeter, before settling on Runkeeper back in January of this year. And I’ve stuck with Runkeeper, paying up to become an Elite member (which adds a few features and lets you sign up for half-price fitness training courses).

When Runkeeper opened up their API earlier this year, it became possible for outside developers to interface with their services. Today I’m going to be exploring one app that’s taking advantage of that capability, Lake Horizon Ltd.’s iSmoothRun ($4.99). Join me after the jump to check it out.


It seems like everybody could use a bit more exercise in their life. Unfortunately, gyms cost money and not everybody is a fan of sweating to the oldies in their living room. As a result, running outdoors will always be one popular and free way to lose weight and keep fit.

Taking a stroll around town can get a bit monotonous though and it would be nice to figure out a way to mix that up. Enter Nike+ GPS. Now, all of your runs are recorded as you go, tracked via GPS and even uploaded to Facebook when you’re done. Sounds like going for a jog just got a whole lot more fun, right? Let’s find out after the break.


Everyone wants to improve their health, whether it be through joining an expensive gym or purchasing a pricey set of equipment for their home. What a lot of people don’t realize is you don’t need all this expense and clutter. All that’s really required is determination, and a motivation to stay fit.

There are hundreds of iPhone apps for all manner of health and fitness tasks. You can monitor what you eat, how you exercise – even measure different calorie intake or your body mass index. With this list, you can have a full on personal trainer as well as an arsenal of exercises in the palm of your hand!