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The way television is delivered to customers is slowly becoming archaic. Previously, in my old apartment, I was forced to use a small cable company to deliver my television entertainment. The company provided high definition but that was about all of the extra features it offered. They did not provide any extra features like viewing content on my iPhone or scheduling digital video recordings(DVR) through a website. Recently I moved into a house and I decided to try satellite. After comparing services I decided on Dish Network and their Hopper DVR

While Dish Network may not be perfect, I have been happy with their service and the Dish Anywhere app. It allows Dish Network subscribers to view featured content, browse the guide to see what is on, schedule and maintain DVR events, and also view live TV and DVR events with the optional Sling Adapter. Keep reading past the break to see if the Dish Anywhere app has been a welcome addition to my change in TV providers. (more…)

If you’re a fan of music, then you should be a fan of satellite radio. That’s because it offers over 140 sports, talk and music stations, most of which are commercial free. Currently, the big leader in the market is SiriusXM, the combo pack made up of both Sirius and XM Radio. It used to be that to enjoy their offerings you needed a special receiver connected to a branded radio at your home or in your car, but now all you need is your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now you might be thinking, “I remember the Sirius app coming out a long time ago. Why should I get excited about it this time around?” Well, the app has been refreshed but more importantly, so has the content. So what makes it so special? Hit the jump and we’ll work it out.