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It’s Productivity Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all week we’re going to have app reviews and how-tos, all based on getting things done. Plus, we’ll even pull some classic reviews out of the archives. Stay tuned all week!

There’s no doubt that going paperless increases productivity: paperless communication is instant, hassle-free, cheap and less wasteful. Much of the world, however, still relies on paper documents to relay important information. How can you, the forward-thinking iPhone user, integrate all this paper into your digital records? Many developers have created apps to help digitize paper documents into PDF files by scanning them with your iPhone’s built-in camera, without requiring you to take a perfect picture from a straight angle.

In this round-up, we’re putting five popular iPhone scanning applications to the test, comparing their features and how they all handle processing the same image. Find out which apps come out on top after the jump!


Gone are the days when we have to wait for reviews by experts in print media or TV before making a purchase. The internet and smartphones have made the common man the judge for products used by fellow commen men! One such tool for social recommendation is stickybits for iPhone.

stickybits allows people to attach digital content like photos and comments to plain old barcodes. When we scan the barcode of a product that has been tagged digitally using the stickybits iPhone app, we get to see all the digital imprints attached to it. Getting the community to comment on product and services (explained below) in a very open social conversation is what makes stickybits so unique.