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When I Work Employee Scheduling (More commonly known as When I Work) is an iPhone tool to manage your employee work rota. With When I Work, you can schedule and communicate work rosters and rotas with your employees, create and manage employee schedules and shifts, and track time and attendance from your iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac.

Employee scheduling and attendance can be a real headache so When I Work attempts to make things a little easier by taking the burden of organizing and monitoring things from your shoulders.

When I Work is a shift scheduler and time clock app that uses text messaging, email, push notifications, and the web to communicate, alert, and notify your staff about the current work schedule.

Employee scheduling apps such as When I Work, Jobber, and Acuity Scheduling are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses, and the developers of When I Work claim that more than 10,000 businesses and half a million users in more than 50 countries rely on When I Work for employee scheduling, time clock, and communication.

Time is a great healer. With enough perseverance, it isn’t very hard to weather testing times knowing that it will all end one day. Alright, that was downright cheesy. But, it is so very true, isn’t it? Counting down to something spectacular is a great way to channel excitement or to secretly vent your anger.

Being able to see the countdown ticking whenever you want is a great way to stay motivated. And, now we have an app for that! The makers of Working Days Countdown didn’t actually put much effort into naming the app. With a verbose and self explanatory name, I hope they put some effort into making this app a fun one atleast. Let’s go check it out! (more…)

Do you ever plan an event and take the time to send out the invitations to people, only to find out that most of them can’t make it on that day? I know that has happened to me a few times and it sucks when that occurs because now you are stuck with either changing the event date or just cancelling it all together. Before you know it, it is taking more time to actually plan and coordinate the event than the time alloted for it.

If you have ever been in this predicament before, you know exactly what I am talking about and I think I came across a cool solution to help you out. Invy, which is an iPhone app that aims to make the process of planning an event simple and easy, just came out and I took it for a spin to see if it really could help me. (more…)