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My wife and I have been talking about her making a career change, and that necessitates her going back to school. Back when I went to school, the smartphone wasn’t even invented, much less a tool for getting anything done. Today, AppStorm reviews apps all the time that are designed for helping out with homework and assignments, and that means that she could use her iPhone for school. Sounds great, right?

But what about you? If you go to school, do you use your iPhone for keeping track of your homework or anything else? Let us know in the poll to the right!

I’m an upper-year university student with a full course load, a part-time job and a few different freelance writing jobs that I hold down. I really struggle to keep my life organized. Even a few accidentally wasted hours can put me a day behind schedule. Before I got my iPhone and my iPad, my life was filled with sticky notes, notebooks, pens that I always lost, and a complete and total lack of sanity.

Since getting my iPad and my iPhone, my life has become more organized and much easier. I work twice as much and twice as hard — and I’ve become twice as productive. My income has skyrocketed, and I owe it all to becoming more organized. A big chunk of the solution has been iStudiez Pro, a universal app for all your devices. Let’s find out more after the jump.


Just over a year ago now, I wrote an article entitled 25 Superb Mac Apps for College Students on Mac.AppStorm detailing the best Mac apps to grab to help you with your studies. As a college student myself in the third year of an Economics with German degree, deciphering all those apps in the Store and trying to figure out which ones are useful for my studies was an absolute minefield.

So, without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my personal top 25 applications for college students with iPhones. As with my previous article, I have tried to keep this list relevant to any major and, in order to save on costs, I have tried to include free software wherever I can! (more…)

Staying organized in school can be pretty difficult. You have to keep up with homework, papers, projects, tests and all sorts of stuff. Sometimes pen and paper can do the job quite well, but it’s not for us techies. I personally prefer to be able to use my iPhone to stay on schedule, and finding apps that are just for that can be quite difficult.

Here’s where inClass comes in. By letting you set terms, courses, teachers, tasks and even take text, audio and video notes during lectures, it makes your school life a whole lot easier. More after the jump.

It’s about time when most will be returning back to normal life after the holidays. And today we should talk about a must-have app for all those new iOS devices received by students this Christmas: iStudiez Pro.

iStudiez Pro is a simple tool for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that offers students (or anyone who has a recurring schedule) to import their timetable for easy browsing but also add assignments and schedule exams. The idea is simple: making life a little bit more organised for students.


To thousands of people all over the world, December doesn’t bring thoughts of holidays and family time spent snuggling around a warm fire. Instead, these poor, tortured souls think only of one thing: finals. That dreadful part of the semester where your professors pelt you with countless evil tests which force you to load up on so much useless information that your brain tosses out virtually all of it as soon as you put the pencil down.

This year, make the most of your down time by sneaking in a little extra studying while waiting in line or sitting at the doctor’s office because of that dreadful cold that always waits until finals to hit you. Armed with your iPhone and the flashcard apps below, you’ll be ready to smile when Grandma asks you about your grades over Christmas dinner.


The App Store has become an outstanding source of education spanning every topic you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in wine tasting, medieval weaponry, or U.S. presidents, you can learn all about it using your iPhone.

Below is our huge list of 100 apps to help you fill your head with more valuable and useless knowledge than you ever thought possible!


I’m a university student and, as any other student would tell you, it’s nice to know where exactly you stand in a particular course. Understanding what grade you’re currently at and what you need to do to succeed can be incredibly useful. Today’s app will do just that!

While Grades would improve with a bit of polishing, I think you’ll find it fills a particular niche remarkably well. Read on to see what I thought of it, and how it can help you come through your college or university course successfully.