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There’s a huge market for word games on iOS. My family is addicted to Letterpress, and my mother is having a not-so-secret-anymore affair with Words With Friends (sorry Mom!). That being said, despite its excellence, Letterpress and I aren’t exactly mutually exclusive, and if I see another hot word game app while I’m goofing around in a coffee shop, I might give her a shot.

And I can’t lie to you guys: Upwords caught my eye. I’m a big Scrabble fan (disclaimer: I’ve never played the traditional Upwords game). I love the board game, but have yet to play a Scrabble-like word game on iOS that I think works well. After all, the trappings of Scrabble are the trappings of a board game and I see no reason a digital display should be bound by the same rules. But I loved the twist Upwords brings to the classic game: stackable letters. (more…)

You probably know Zynga best for their popular Facebook game FarmVille, the one that all of your non-gaming friends play. It’s those types of apps that Zynga does really well, and one of the classic staples of their roster is Words With Friends.

Essentially, this is Scrabble — just don’t talk about it (Like in Fight Club, rule No. 1, don’t talk about Scrabble). But instead of passing your board back and forth between your competitor, Words With Friends (or WWF for short) is more of a casual game that can span across days if you want. So what makes this Zynga special so fun? Talk it out after the break.


In the world of intellectual board games, one favorite has been around for decades, and that’s Scrabble. When the iPad came out, it became the perfect platform for a digitized board game, and Scrabble has taken it up to another level. Innovative gameplay around a familiar theme makes this app even more fun than the original. So what makes this one so special in an App Store packed with other options? Hit the jump to find out.

Today we’ll take a look at Scrabble for iPad in addition the awesomely integrated iPhone tile rack options.