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In recent months, Google has shown an increasingly intense focus on iOS. In addition to last year’s acqui-hiring of the popular Sparrow and Snapseed teams, they have released new apps for Chrome and Maps, and overhauled existing YouTube and Gmail offerings. However, larger waves are being made under the surface; the uniform design language being rolled out across their entire catalogue may not be entirely innocent. Does Google have a subversive agenda on iOS? Well, if YouTube Capture is anything to go by, nothing is off the table.

On the surface, Capture appears to be just another simple video recording app offering only minor improvements over the stock iOS option. However, its simplicity should not be underestimated; it may just be its most threatening attribute. How does Capture fit into Google’s iOS plans? Can it replace the default Camera app? Let’s check it out. (more…)

Now that iPhones have a void formerly filled by the Youtube app, video enthusiasts are being forced to get their fix via other means. Some of these alternatives aren’t dedicated solely to the experience of watching hilarious videos, but also to spreading those LOLs all around the internet.

Showyou is an app that places just as much of an emphasis on the social network aspect of sharing videos as it does the videos themselves. Click more to see for yourself. (more…)

Instagram made sharing photos cool and it became one of the hottest social apps this past year. Now, social video is starting to come on strong with the likes of SocialCam, as well as Viddy. As we have known for a while now, and it is not anything new, social sharing has become the thing to do. We share our thoughts, what we’re eating or doing, where we’re at, and we take pictures or videos of these things and send them out to the world.

But what if we want to take a scaled back, more intimate approach, where we share with just the people we really know. Cloudee is taking that exact approach and doing it at a time when people are starting to take a more serious look at privacy. They are taking this very thing back and making your videos more personable, which could actually be a good thing. The wonderful people over at Cloudee gave me the opportunity to test drive their app, and I came away impressed with what I saw. (more…)

Whether you agree with it or not, our lives are becoming more social than they ever have been before. With the likes of Facebook and Twitter, social networking has taken off more than we could have imagined it would five years ago. We want people to know what we are doing and we want to comment on what others are doing in their lives as well.

So it’s no wonder that the developers at Rock City LLC have figured out a way to make the calendar more social. I will admit, at first glance at this app, I thought to myself, “Why in the world would I want to share with others what I have on my calendar?” But the more I started to use UpTo, the more I realized how handy and fun it could be. (more…)

At first glance, TinyVox Pro is a voice recorder with a pretty interface and that’s it. With closer investigation though, there are some useful features that will suit certain types of user.

For example, journalists might find the app useful for recording interviews, musicians might find it useful for recording demos or samples, and ordinary users might develop a preference for recording notes rather than typing them. Let’s get into it after the jump.  (more…)

I know that we’re well past all of the Valentines Day hullabaloo, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for some groan-worthy cuteness, now does it? If you have a significant other, chances are pretty good that you share things with them on a daily basis. Well that’s all well and good, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one private channel through which you can share all of this stuff? And furthermore, creating memories with that special person is part of the fun of being in a relationship, so how do you chronicle all of your photos and text messages for future nostalgia?

Enter Cupple, an app for iPhone that lets you privately share and catalogue your experiences with that special someone. The folks behind the app describe it as “the worlds first social network for two people in a relationship.” If this sentiment makes you bit nauseous, I’d understand. If it sounds like fun, though, hit the jump to learn more about how it works. (more…)

This past year, I have been able to experience one of the greatest joys in my life: the opportunity to be a dad. With the many responsibilities of being a father, one of them that I get constantly reminded about is to take pictures and send them to my parents or to other family and friends. I love using my iPhone to take pictures because it is always accessible, and I always try to send them the random Instagram pic whenever I can.

But sometimes, I am taking more than one picture of my amazing little boy and I want to send the pics together because they all tell the story and one won’t do it justice. This is where an app like Nostalgio can come in very handy. It gives you the chance to put your pictures together so you can tell the whole story and not just part of it. (more…)

When it first came out, I loved Path. I thought that the concept for having a simple and clean social network made up of the people that I truly call my friends was awesome, and I appreciated the 50-person limit. Then Path 2 came out, and I loved the interface, how it worked and everything about it. Path 2 changed the game.

Then we find out the other day that Path would upload the user’s entire address book to their servers, making what is my personal information now the property of someone I didn’t authorize to do so. Turns out that Hipster does the same thing. Although Path has since apologized and deleted all of that data from their servers, the damage is done. Fact is, if we’re going to work with an app, we need assurance that they developer will treat our data correctly. But why is it so important for us to believe a person who’s making an app?

It comes down to trust.


Uploading a bunch of photos for your friends to view is a pain. First you’ll probably want to connect your iPhone to your computer (or, if you’re using iCloud, fire your computer up and revel in the glory of Photo Stream), then you’ll choose which photos to upload, and then you’ll tag your friends and label the album.

This is a pain. Luckily, Batch is here to the rescue, allowing you to upload a bunch of photos (you might even say, a batch of photos) to the service and then share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Does the app work as well as it should, or is this a bad batch? Read on to find out, and I promise I won’t make any more bad puns.


There are many ways to share where you are: a phone call, a text message, a Facebook check-in, Foursquare … each of these are available directly from that phone in your pocket, and it’s easy to forget their origins.

One of the oldest ways of sharing where you are (or where you’ve been) is by sending a postcard. These simple cards were nothing more than a picture and whatever you could scribble on the back without completely obscuring the address, and for years they worked just fine.

Postcards have been largely forgotten, and Hipster aims to bring the oldest form of rubbing in the fact that you’re in a cooler place than the recipient into the modern age.


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