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Think back to when you got your first iPhone. What were initial 10 apps you downloaded? I bet most of you downloaded Twitter, Angry Birds, Pandora, Doodle Jump and/or Evernote. What do each of these apps have in common? They were initial inductees into Appleā€™s App Store Hall of Fame in 2010.

Another app you probably downloaded, and was also an initial Hall of Fame inductee, is Shazam. Since its release in July 2008, Shazam has been a must-have app, granting users the ability to easily identify songs and artists. Shazam recently released version 5.0, which included some new features that are sure to delight its millions of users. Join me after the jump as I take a closer look at these new features (and more). (more…)

Have you ever been sitting in a bar (or standing in a lift) and heard a song you think is just great? You ask your friends what it is and they shake their heads. So you try in desperation to remember just a smattering of the lyrics…

Well struggle no more! The iPhone has a multitude of Apps that are crying out to help you and I’m going to look at three of the best contenders.