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Online shopping is becoming the norm for so many of the things we buy to keep, such as cars, electronics and even homes. We can compare different models online, get reviews and shop around for the best prices. But how do you know which detergent is best on your undies when you’re standing in the aisle at your local Big Box or whether the new deodorant you’re thinking of trying is going to leave you stinking up your cubicle halfway through the day?

Consmr wants to answer those questions and more with their new iOS app, giving you all the reviews and recommendations we expect of online shopping without resorting to a bunch of hit-or-miss Googling. The question is whether this little app can pack the one-two punch of the reviews found on retailer sites combined with a large catalog of products. So does it? Hit the jump to find out.  (more…)

Your day is busy, packed with all sorts of events and meetings. You need a task manager that’s going to keep you on track with your schedule, like Task Eater for iOS. Task Eater makes it really easy to add new tasks, providing you with a simple interface to create a title and add additional notes about your task. Use the notes field to add information like the event location, important phone numbers, or other information relevant to the event.

Task Eater has several features that separate it from the sea of task managers in the App Store, features like assigning task categories based on a chosen icon, local notifications, a great user interface, and much more. Let’s see how you can chomp away at your daily schedule with Task Eater.