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Forget coupons. If you’ve ever gone through the checkout line at the grocery store or other market and been dismayed at the grand total flashing across the register, you are going to be excited about ibotta, an app that rewards you for buying certain brands and products: with cold, hard cash.

OK, maybe more like digital cash, but it’s still deposited directly into your PayPal account, from which you could then turn it into, yep, cold hard cash. The service is completely simple and free to use. Sound like an offer you can’t refuse? Click “more” and I’ll give you the details. (more…)

I tried to buy my mom a TV last Christmas. I spent literally days finding the best deal. Which had the best picture, the right features, and was in my price range? At the end of the ordeal, I never did buy her a television, and even now, my mom is staring at a picture of a cat hanging from a tree branch that I tried to convince her is just as good.

If only I’d had Arro back then, an app to narrow down your choices and take the guesswork out of major purchases. Can Arro point you in the right direction and get rid of all of that decision-making anxiety? (more…)

So you’re out and about, searching for that special tool that you need to get your project done — a screw, piece of shiny fabric or whatever it is. You find it, but it’s pricey, and you want to know if you can get it cheaper somewhere else. So you pull out your iPhone, take a shot of the item with CamFind, and sure enough, it’s out there.

OK, now it’s Tuesday and you’re in a part of town where there are a lot of good looking restaurants with menus written in languages you don’t understand. No sweat. Out comes CamFind, you take a picture and next thing you know, you’ve got a translation.

Alright, one last one. You’re in a strange city for work, and you walk past a memorial to something that seems important. You want to know more, but there doesn’t seem to be any pertinent info anywhere about. Pull out CamFind, take a shot of the memorial and it comes back with info on it. Like magic.

CamFind is a little bit of magic in your pocket. It can do all of the things listed above, as well as find reviews and trailers for movies; restaurant reviews from photos of their sign; find nearby coffee shops; and scan QR codes. It’s got a lot wrapped up in a nice little package, making it an app that you’ll surely want to have on your home screen.

Get It Now!

Did that peak your interest? No? Well how about this: it’s free. That’s right, CamFind is available for the low price of free, and it comes complete with all of those features. Is it the perfect app to have? Maybe. But it’s definitely one you’ll want to keep handy. I know it’s changed my iPhone for the better.

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

Some people are just impossible to shop for, am I right? You always end up directly asking them what they want — or at least wishing you could.

Fontain is an app designed to remove this kind of stress from the equation of shopping for others, plus notify your friends and family members what it is you’re lusting after, too. The app will remind you of upcoming gift-giving dates, inform you when your friends or family receive gifts (no embarrassing duplicates!) and more. Click through to take a look. (more…)

When Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, retailers and restaurants soon released apps as a means to make their business more accessible to customers. The thing is, though, most of the ones they released were not very good. Some apps, in fact, were embarrassingly bad, and still continue to be bad to this day.

It seems only logical that big name businesses would be able to hire great developers to create amazing apps, but for the majority of retail and restaurant apps this is simply not the case. However, in the several dozen retail and restaurant apps available today, there are 15 apps that are quite good. Some even great. (more…)

Although social networking has gotten a lot of bad press lately with the likes of Facebook and Instagram, I will admit, I really like staying connected with people. When used properly, it can be a powerful tool to help you to stay informed and yet give you the opportunity to “meet” amazing people online.

One of the things that I love about social networking is to be able to see what other people are into, what the latest and greatest apps are, and what the cool things are that people are buying. There are some awesome tech toys that I own that I never would have known about if not for hearing about it first on Twitter. Another app that has been very intriguing for this purpose, called Mine, came out a little while ago and it has stuck on my first page ever since. It has been able to tie in social networking features in a different way than the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Will it get as big as those services? Not sure, but we can definitely take a deeper look at it. (more…)

Welcome to Poshmark, a virtual consignment store that allows you to shop the closets of users all over the United States, as well as sell your own gently used items and earn cash for them.

You know that jewelry your ex gave you? What about that pair of jeans you used to wear all the time but haven’t picked up in a while? All of these and other items that have been relegated to the far recesses of your closet can now be posted to Poshmark to find better homes and fill your wallet. Click “more” and we’ll take a look. (more…)

As someone who’s passionate about cooking and traveling the world through cookbooks, I buy groceries from many different sources. Some days I take a break from the supermarket and pay a visit to my local butcher shop. On Saturdays the farmers market sparks my creativity with its bountiful heirloom fruits and vegetables. When I’m feeling adventurous, the local Asian Market awaits with exotic produce and a world of unfamiliar ingredients. But it can be overwhelming finding ingredients for a recipe when the labels are printed in a foreign language. Asking for help in the Asian market results in friendly smiles and the realization that no one in the shop seems to speak English. Don’t despair — the Asian Market Shopper app by revered cooking expert and cookbook author Andrea Nguyen is here to help.

This pocket guide includes detailed photographs and audio pronunciations of 100 essential Asian ingredients accompanied by 25 staple recipes. Andrea’s cheerful, encouraging personality comes through in the instructional videos and her tips for shopping in Asian markets melt away any fears of the unfamiliar. Ingredients and recipes are depicted in mouth-watering photos in an app that’s useful and inspiring. If you love cooking Asian cuisine but fear the strange world of Asian markets, Andrea Nguyen is your new best friend. (more…)

It’s hard buying gifts for people, and wads of cash, though expedient, can seem tacky. If you want to give something meaningful without losing your mind or blowing your whole budget on just one gift, it really takes some effort. And there’s really no guarantees you won’t lose your mind.

Helping to preserve your sanity, or at least what’s left, is iWishfor. This little app lets you create wish lists for yourself and browse the lists of your friends and family, taking the guesswork out of the holidays. Can iWishfor really save you all those headaches and maybe some returned gifts? (more…)

It’s time to get some last-minute holiday shopping done. And, by the way, if you don’t think you’ve arrived at the last-minute yet, this is your wake-up call. It’s time to bite the bullet, my friend.

And now you don’t have the time or the cash to waste running from store to store, or surfing every corner of the Internet trying to find the best deal on whatever tech toy your little brother wants this year. Click “more” to take a look at these five price comparison apps that can help you find what you’re searching for while trying to remain under budget. (more…)

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