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Do you like to browse retailers’ websites on your phone whenever you have a couple minutes to kill? Or are you an always-on-the-go shopper who can’t remember the last time you didn’t use your iPhone to make a purchase? Either way, CoffeeTable can make your mobile shopping experience better.

A little like having a personal shopper, CoffeeTable features more than 150 digital catalogs from well-known and well-loved brands, including Athleta, Eddie Bauer, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Heifer and many others — all categorized and ready for you to easily save, share or purchase products from. Click “more” to see how it works. (more…)

Try to imagine an app that’s something like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy all rolled into one. It would probably look like Pose.

Here’s an app that not only lets you share what you’re wearing with your friends and followers, it also affords brings you style inspiration courtesy of other users (including some celebs!), allows you to start conversations with other fashion fanatics, and best of all, allows you to shop the looks you love. Hit the jump and I’ll show you how it works. (more…)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of grocery shopping. It’s tedious, you have to deal with people blocking your way in nearly every aisle, and it’s just a hassle, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of life (like laundry or dishes), so if there’s anything that can make this otherwise unenjoyable experience better, I’m willing to give it a go.

The simplest method to maintain your sanity, as well as reduce overspending, while grocery shopping is done by creating a list of items to buy. If you remember correctly I’m a big fan of ListBook, which works well for creating grocery lists. But as an app connoisseur of sorts, I’m always on the lookout for something better. In this particular instance, AnyList by Purple Cover, Inc. sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps. Find out why after the jump. (more…)

The infamous coupon website RetailMeNot has been online for a couple of years now. You can find coupons for nearly all the famous brands including Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy and so many more. Their team released a new iOS app which is the perfect companion for their site.

You’ll be able to find new coupon codes and even redeem them inside the store. Often times these coupons will work when you’re shopping online. But even if you don’t shop on your phone, it’s easy enough to copy down the codes into your web browser. I’ll say this is one a handy application for the many frugal shoppers out there. (more…)

Online shopping is becoming the norm for so many of the things we buy to keep, such as cars, electronics and even homes. We can compare different models online, get reviews and shop around for the best prices. But how do you know which detergent is best on your undies when you’re standing in the aisle at your local Big Box or whether the new deodorant you’re thinking of trying is going to leave you stinking up your cubicle halfway through the day?

Consmr wants to answer those questions and more with their new iOS app, giving you all the reviews and recommendations we expect of online shopping without resorting to a bunch of hit-or-miss Googling. The question is whether this little app can pack the one-two punch of the reviews found on retailer sites combined with a large catalog of products. So does it? Hit the jump to find out.  (more…)

Ever have one of those friends who always seems to know where to find the cool stuff? You know, the guy who has that awesome desk made out of reclaimed wood, or the girl who constantly has vintage apparel but finds it in the weirdest places? How sweet would it be to have their connections and be able to get all that stuff without doing a lot of the hard work?

That’s pretty much the concept behind Svpply, a website dedicated to collecting all the good stuff and the shops that sell it, without you having to hunt it down yourself. Now they have an iPhone app, and it’s pretty innovative in its own right. Let’s dig in and find out more after the jump.  (more…)

If there is one thing that I dislike, it’s shopping — I absolutely hate going to a mall to get something. I hate having to deal with crowds, no parking and all the other things that come with it. But, I do love to shop online; in fact, I will do about 95% of my Christmas shopping and gift shopping online if I can. It is so much easier to do and I will gladly pay for shipping to avoid the mall.

That’s why I got excited when I came across Karma, an application that you can use to send gifts to someone else. They make it very easy to pick out a gift and send it to someone, and best of all, you can do it all straight from your iPhone. (more…)

Having good taste can be expensive. Cost and quality rise at the same rate, and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” remains true. It’s easy to settle for sub-par based on our budgets, but what if you could get some well-designed, quality goods for less than their usual cost?

That’s where Fab comes in. Fab is an invitation-only store that offers discounts on designer items, from custom furnaces and shirts to lamps and chairs and everything in between. They recently released their own iPhone application, and we have the full review.


Have you ever given much thought to the designs that end up on a T-shirt? No, not the standard T-shirt that everyone and their dog owns but the unique designs that make you think, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” If you have, then Threadless is going to be the app for you.

The app, which allows you to vote on designs submitted by the Threadless community, gives you the power to determine which designs get printed, as well as some of the power. You can also browse the online store, order something from the shop and have a bit of fun with the Doodle Pad and the Festasizer. I’ll cover all these features plus some of the less exciting in-between bits after the jump.


In this week’s Ask The Editor post, one of the questions we went over was from someone in search of a shopping list application that would sync lists between an iPhone and a computer. The app that I found as a solution was Grocery IQ and I liked it so much I thought it deserved a full review.

Today we’ll go over what Grocery IQ is and why it stands out as one of the best shopping lists applications on the App Store. If you ever take your iPhone shopping, you’ll want to keep reading!


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