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The more that I use my iPhone, the more that I believe that I can do just about anything I need to on it if I really force myself. Developers are creating apps that are making it easier for us to use our device to not only play games, take photos, or listen to music, but it is also becoming more of a productivity tool. The one thing that I have said about having an iPhone is its convenience to do something right then and there. I don’t have to go and find a paper and pen or I don’t have to have a computer with me; I always have my device with me which gives me the opportunity to use it to capture all kinds of things.

One tool that I’ve been very excited about checking out is CheckThis, which lets you easily create simple websites that you can share and interact with others. It’s like a canvas on your iPhone that lets you do a variety of things and then share it with friends who can comment on your activity. I was able to use CheckThis on the web and I really liked what they did there, so I was even more excited to hear that they were coming to the iPhone. (more…)

In the days of old — which, in this case, were the early 2000s — people would take their iPods along with them in their cars to listen to a wider selection of music. Now, up until the invention of the portable music player, everyone used CDs and cassettes; large, low-capacity bearers of high-quality audio. People then began buying FM transmitters and tape deck to 3.5mm adapters so they could listen to the same beautiful music, just more of it. The former was rubbish, but the latter worked well in most vehicles.

A new generation of iPods has come along in the form of Apple’s iPhone, an all-in-one device that eliminates the need to carry bags full of gear in the car. It has a GPS, makes phone calls, uses Siri to increase intelligence, and, of course, plays music. New cars have direct auxiliary-in connections to play back crystal clear audio; some even tout Bluetooth for hands-free conversations and audio streaming via AirPlay. Today, I’m going to show you Drive, an app that makes performing basic operations with your iPhone much easier in the car — and less dangerous. (more…)

When it comes to checking the weather on your iPhone, there are way too many solutions. You can use something like Wunderground to get the most accurate reports, or Weather 2x, a less precise and more beautiful alternative. Then there’s the boring old app that comes with your iPhone. It has a rather stale design and doesn’t offer many details, but that’s mainly because it’s taking a minimal approach to things.

Nubilous and WTHR are two minimal, but beautiful weather apps. Is one better than the other, though? Let’s find out. (more…)

Instagram made sharing photos cool and it became one of the hottest social apps this past year. Now, social video is starting to come on strong with the likes of SocialCam, as well as Viddy. As we have known for a while now, and it is not anything new, social sharing has become the thing to do. We share our thoughts, what we’re eating or doing, where we’re at, and we take pictures or videos of these things and send them out to the world.

But what if we want to take a scaled back, more intimate approach, where we share with just the people we really know. Cloudee is taking that exact approach and doing it at a time when people are starting to take a more serious look at privacy. They are taking this very thing back and making your videos more personable, which could actually be a good thing. The wonderful people over at Cloudee gave me the opportunity to test drive their app, and I came away impressed with what I saw. (more…)