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It’s hard to improve on the slingshot style of games already out for iOS. Angry Birds and others like it already have that niche pretty well locked up. To get attention, a game will have to bring something more than cute critter flinging action to your fingertips. If the game boasts an engaging story, that’s even better.

Catapult King tries to hit all the slingshot buttons, while creating a fun medieval storyline and a small cast of entertaining characters. With fun, fresh gameplay and a new take on the physics puzzler, Catapult King is trying to take the slingshot game formula to new heights. But does it knock down the competition or miss the mark? (more…)

When it comes to iOS games, there aren’t too many that come out that people are waiting for with baited breath. Infinity Blade I and II come to mind, but other than that, not much else. And then there’s Angry Birds Space, the latest version of the popular Angry Birds franchise. And that’s when the world exploded.

This is the game that my father has been waiting for. My dad, the guy who got a Playstation 2 for Christmas a few years back and returned it because it made him “too violent” has been patiently waiting for Angry Birds Space. Yes, this is the game your parents want — but it’s probably the one you’ve been waiting for as well.  (more…)