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Music has been a factor which has helped move forward the technology industry. The ability to listen to music while on the go, gave Apple the desire to make a better portable music player. Today, music is leaning toward streaming. This makes more sense in today‚Äôs time. A lot of users probably already use Rdio or Spotify to satisfy their streaming needs, but there are times when I do not want to do the work. Sometimes I don’t feel like building a playlist or constantly searching for the next song to listen to. For times like these, I rely on Songza.

Songza is a music streaming service but with a twist. You cannot search for a specific song and play it, and you cannot build a playlist, but you can tell the service what type of mood you are in and it will play the most appropriate music. Go download Songza, select reading as an activity and enjoy the rest of this post with some accompanying reading music. (more…)