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I hate going to the gym. I think it’s boring and expensive. I don’t really question its effectiveness, because it actually is, I just don’t like it.

Now, we all need to stay in shape one way or another, and being an iPhone user, I prefer the more technological approach. The App Store has lots of apps made for jogging, tracking calories and so on, but RunKeeper may just be the perfect solution. It used to be a paid application (and rather expensive I should add), but has recently gone free. After the jump, we’ll be learning how to use RunKeeper’s features to our advantage.


Welcome to another iPhone Game Friday. It’s been a while since we did a roundup of sports games and, with the release of one of my favourite PC/Mac games on the iPhone this week, I thought it was about time we took another look at some of the best sports games on the platform.

We’ll be having a quick look at Football Manager Handheld, along with a number of other games including Doodle Bowling and Skee-Ball, among others. Once again, if you have any comments, or an app that you want reviewed, get in touch!


We’re continuing our series looking at iPhone games today, focusing on five fantastic sport games. These range from the relatively sedentary darts, through to the more action-packed Backbreaker: Tackle Alley.

We’ve taken on board your feedback and included a selection of screenshots from the games this week. If there’s anything else you would like to see in this weekly series, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!